Prescriptions and appointments

We understand how difficult it is to keep track of busy schedules, appointments, prescriptions and refills.  We never want you or your child to run out of medication - we will do our best to help!

In October 2019 Pennsylvania mandated electronic prescribing of controlled substances. The transition will take about 10 minutes at your next visit. Please bring all of your contact information, your pharmacy information, and your child's social security number.

Research shows that even when children appear to be stable, they have a better response to ADHD medication when they are monitored with monthly visits! And, Children starting an antidepressant should be seen weekly for the first month. We know that frequent appointments are often challenging, but visits will become less frequent as you or your child are stabilized.

If you need a refill between visits, please try to allow 1 week. 

If your pharmacy tells you your medicine is not available, please call multiple pharmacies to see where it is in stock. This is also a good way to price shop. Before you ask me to write "Name Brand Only" please confirm that you are willing to pay the sometimes substantially greater cost.

Please contact or leave a message at (610) 527-8444 for information, fees, refills or to schedule an appointment. 

Emergency contact information is provided on the office phone message and usually includes calling Dr. Goldstein's cell phone at 610-574-2191. If you have a true emergency and you can not wait for a return call, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency.